Miwa Ito Glassware

Based in Osaka, Japan, Miwa Ito creates handcrafted glassware that is functional, colourful, and totally unique. To launch the product at Ito’s first UK stockist, Hato Store, the art direction behind the shoot focused on the rawness and humourous nature of the pieces.

Photo: Jack Batchelor

Art Direction  Set Design  

Prop Sourcing  Product Styling

April 2021

Converse: Sustainability Ma-tt-ers

Converse and Goodhood teamed up in Summer 2018 to launch Converse’s denim renew campaign. Shot at First Mile Recycling Plant in West London with Seetal Solanki, founder of London-based material research consultancy Ma-tt-er, as the focus.

Read the interview with Solanki here.

Photo: Hollie Fernando
Clients: Converse & Goodhood

Art Direction  Interviewing 

Product Styling 

August 2019

Dum Keramik

Created by Siri Skillgate,  each Dum Keramik piece is created in Malmö, where Siri utilises her knowledge of mass production learnt during her role as an industrial designer in order to create uniquely handmade and humorous ceramics. Hato Store are the first UK stockist of the brand.

Photo: Jack Batchelor

Art Direction  Product Styling

Prop Sourcing 

July 2021

Riso From Home

Hato Press’ Riso From Home kits provide people with the basic tools to create a 3 colour risograph print in either ‘Collage’ or ‘Typography’ style. Each kit comes with access to an online research site and instructional tutorial video. The visual direction for the shoot was based on a grid that forms part of a risograph printer scanbed, and was shot from 2 angles in order to achieve a more interesting and easy-to-follow result.

July 2020

A New Tribe

The following imagery compiles a series of art direction and still life product styling developed and created for A New Tribe; an independent homeware store in Hackney looking to explore their current product selection in new ways.

Photo: Jack Batchelor

Art Direction  Set Design  

Prop Sourcing  Product Styling

March 2021