︎ I’m an Art Director from Manchester, currently working at HATO, London, where I’ve been for four years. I work across art direction, strategy and design within a small and talented team.

︎︎︎ Previously, I worked at Goodhood, a lifestyle store in East London, for three years. I focused on art direction for fashion, as well as graphic design and retouching. I’ve also worked on freelance art direction for both Hato Store and A New Tribe.

︎ I have a small business – Other Peoples Places, that I run alongside my full time job. Prodominantly used to source, buy and sell vintage design pieces, the site also has space for creative writing and exploring different crafts. There’s no end goal, no right or wrong answers. Just process, experimentation and curiosity.

︎I have a first class honors degree from Leeds Arts University in Fashion Concepts and Communication, graduating in 2017. 

︎ hannahjclaydon@gmail.com

Art Direction inc. Strategy & Design
Based in London, UK
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