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Capture One: Rebrand & Global App Campaign
HATO, Capture One
Production: Pavilion Works
Photo: Kayla Connors
Stylist: Flo Arnold
Makeup: Verity Cumming
Hair: Joe Burwin
Model: Lydia Adeyemi
Animation: Connor Campbell Studio

May 2023
In late 2022, HATO were approached to craft a rebrand and global campaign for professional photography software Capture One. The brief for the brand was to engage with the talented and creative users that create their work with the tool, but seldom speak about it, and the global video campaign for the new iPhone app launch continued this theme, whilst targeting a more USA audience. Please note parts of this project have not yet launched.

Details to the rebrand include a custom mono typeface and wordmark, inspired by the engraved lettering and numerals on original Phase One lenses, as well as a design system based on true-to-life actions undertaken whilst shooting. For the campaign, we targeted photographers who shoot outdoors to prove Capture One isn’t just for the studio. The visuals chosen focused on a fashion-led shoot that mirrored the concept of ‘Freedom to Move’. 

Photo: Liam Hart, Lars Brønseth, Shahram Saadat
June 2022
DELLI is a new food app created by Depop founder Simon Beckerman. HATO were approached to create a visual identity for the brand, as well as the app and website design for their internal team to develop. Explore DELLI here.
We first looked into the history of Delicatessens around the world, finding final inspiration in the US for the DELLI wordmark. The logo sits atop earthy yet bright palettes that reference some of the masters of Italian design such as Enzo Mari. To tie it together, the photography direction is real, honest and a snapshot into the moment; no ‘can you just hold that there for a sec.’

Hato Store
Photo: Jacob Lillis, Jack Batchelor, Tim Bowditch
A variety of still life and model imagery captured over a 3 year period, from in the studio to on set. Purposes focus mainly on ecommerce use; newsletters, socials and landing pages.
I’ve been conceiving and creating art direction and strategy for Hato Store since its opening in March 2020. The chosen direction balances hand-crafed high-end products with Hato Store’s signature value of play.


January 2024
In Summer 2023, HATO were approached by good media agency Good-Loop to overhaul their brand and website. Good-Loop’s digital adspace means viewers who complete the video advertisement get to select a charity to donate to on behalf of the advertiser. This means the advertiser gets more completed watches, and the user gets to benefit charity (without actually paying a penny themselves). We dubbed it a ‘win-win’.

After 2 collaborative workshop sessions, we crafted a logo that would double as an accreditation ‘mark for good’. Good-Loop’s classic red was updated to a punchy, contemporary berry shade, and a player-style animation approach meant the brand could adapt to all advertising formats with ease. Featured in Creative Review. View the site here.

September 2022
MM:NT is an upcoming hotel chain focused on targeting a specific audience and ultra fast growth. Coming A/W 2023 to a small tester hotel in Berlin, it’s set to expand across Europe and the USA soon after. Explore MM:NT here.
We built the brand around moments that feel fleeting when travelling, focusing on the clock as a visual touchpoint for the concept to anchor to a specific time captured through photography. The brand is crafyed to target a young, cool, and creative audience without feeling exclusive.