Google PAIR

Google PAIR asked HATO to commission an illustrator for their latest Q&A session being held between Jeff Dean, a renowned computer scientist, and Donald Martin, Google’s Technical Programme Manager. Illustrator Erick Ramos’ work was found during research and chosen to work on the commission due to its texturual application and inclusive feel.

Illustrator: Erick M. Ramos

Art Direction  Creative Research

December 2020

TOKION Magazine

Japanese magazine TOKION approached HATO to create a publication that would form content for their ‘Observe’ issue formed of several renowned design practice’s zines. HATO’s zine was based on their eponymous ‘Cooking with Scorsese and Others’ series, where iconic food scenes in film are compiled for recipe inspiration. In the ‘Observe’ edition, film choices centered around cooking scenes in the home to mirror current world affairs with lockdown.
June 2020

Whatever Will She Think of Next?

5 editorial fashion shoots were created as part of the final major project undertaken in the third year at Leeds Arts University. The concept surrounded taking inspiration from eccentric women and creating a set based on each of them. 2 of the shoots were shot in collaboration with photography student Harrison France.
Spring 2017