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Art on the Underground: Rhea Storr
June 2022
Art on the Underground comissioned HATO to create artwork for 24 boards at Heathrow Airport, Escalators at Bethnal Green and Notting Hill, and the mezzanine platform at Stratford station featuring visual artist Rhea Storr’s work. The project, entitled ‘Uncommon Oberservations: The Ground That Moves Us’ features a series of large-scale captioned photographs created using an outdated military surveillance photographic film called Aerochrome.

Art Direction and design for one of Art on the Underground’s biggest projects to date. Focused on highlighting the film element to Rhea’s work with additions of film strip and colour burned edges for escalator transitions. A purposefully pixelated wall at Stratford links back to the notion of surveillance as CCTV. Caption text is irregular and slightly disintergrated to reference the film.