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Ministry of Sound

January 2024
HATO recently started work on a new digital identity for renowned London club Ministry of Sound. After hosting workshops to find out insights from club-goers who avoid MoS, we realised the club required repositioning in order to appeal to a new generation of ravers. Please note this project is in draft design phase and has not yet launched. The below content is work in progress.

For the website, we proposed creating an integrated space connected to the physical club, allowing features like ticket purchases to be streamlined without using third-party sites. The homepage would digitally represent MoS’s iconic logo, showcasing club-goers' videos to reflect the in-club experience. We suggested replacing the outdated VIP model with a members area, offering exclusive merch, queue jumps, and playful digital features. Ideas included changing toilet light colors via the website and a hidden message board for club-goers.