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Kew Gardens: The Wander Project; Summer Festival 2023
HATO, Kew Gardens
3D Designer: Andres Ros Soto

May 2023
The Wander Project was Kew Gardens’ theme for their Summer 2023 festival. Centered around the idea of voices within nature, the festival asked influential people from the arts through to science to provide a thoughtful sentiment for the reader to think about or act on. The idea was to get people to feel connected to the environment around them, inspiring adults and children alike.

The festival was a unique opportunity to create something unexpected within such a renowned setting. We wanted to utilise the environment at Kew as much as possible, positioning each ‘voice’ to seem as if it were appearing from the landscape itself. We focused the brief by applying a set number of Small, Medium and Large sculptures, allowing guests to ‘collect’ each within a trail setting alongside printed guidebook.