What Do You Feel Like Doing in This Moment?

An editorial lifestyle video and photo shoot for Hato Store Summer 2022. The shoot focused on 4 artists and designers, each presented with 3 products from Hato Store plus 1 prop. They each were given a card with the words ‘What do you feel like doing in this moment?’ on them, and with only 1 camera rolling in the room, they innately interacted with the items in front of them.

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June 2022

Insider Style

Insider Style is an editorial series by Goodhood showcasing the buyer’s favourite product from the current season. Long-term Goodhood friend and musician Annabel Liddell was chosen to be the model for shoot. The art direction seeks to mirror Liddell’s personality both off and on stage.

Photo: Helen Kirkbright

July 2019

Riso From Home

Hato Press’ Riso From Home kits provide people with the basic tools to create a 3 colour risograph print in either ‘Collage’ or ‘Typography’ style. Each kit comes with access to an online research site and instructional tutorial video. The visual direction for the shoot was based on a grid that forms part of a risograph printer scanbed, and was shot from 2 angles in order to achieve a more interesting and easy-to-follow result.

July 2020